Free Classes with Michele

Through November 2015 at Humana Guidance Center in Las Vegas Located at 8885 W. Charleston Blvd #140 (two doors to the right of Whole Foods Market).  Yes, these classes are free, open to the public . . . just come a bit early to fill out the paperwork to get a Humana ID card.

Tuesday &Thursday  8:45am Bone Strengthening & Balance (50 minutes)  Learn to naturally strengthen your bones with exercises developed by Dr. Miriam Nelson (author of “Strong Women Stay Young”) proven to reverse osteoporosis.

What to bring: Good supportive lace up shoes, beach towel and a bottle of drinking water with a screw on top.

About the Facilitator:  When Michele’s bones started spontaneous fracturing in her early 50’s she went on an extensive search to find how to naturally strengthen bones.   As she dug through medical literature she was surprised to find studies proving osteoporosis can not only be stopped but also reversed by doing specific exercises.  Michele also studied Eastern approaches to wellness discovering a world of movements shown to increase energy, circulation, and mindfulness thus promoting better overall health.

Michele Comeau’s qualificationsResearcher/Author/Speaker/Grandmother/Health Nut

Certified Group Fitness Instructor ACE (NCCA Accredited)

Member, American College of Sports Medicine

Living on Live Food Certified Chef

Benefits of Raw Food Nutrition Certified Educator

Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition with T. Colin Campbell, PhD (China Study) through Cornell University

Coauthor Casino Customer Service=The Win Win Game

Featured with Ken Blanchard and Stephen Covey in

Discover Your Inner Strength            

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