Winning Stress Recipes — Cantaloupe Smoothie

Cantaloupes are in season and this is now my clients new favorite to start the day.(Digests best first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.) According to, cantaloupe is a superstar in vitamin C & A along with being high in a number of other beneficial nutrients.By including the seeds (in a form that is easily bioavailable) it bumps up the nutrient density.

Serves 2

½ Cantaloupe

1 cup filtered water

4 ice cubes

Scoop seeds of the cantaloupe into a super blender (Vita Mix or Blend Tech) add 1-cup water and blend on high until seeds are completely liquefied.

Carefully remove the outer crinkly cantaloupe skin (OK to leave some of the green on) cut into large chunks and throw into the blender with ice cubes.

Blend just enough to make it smooth and the ice disappears.

Serve right away to maintain all the vitamins.


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4 comments on “Winning Stress Recipes — Cantaloupe Smoothie
  1. Toni Jo says:

    This was my morning breakfast treat today. For kicks add half of a fresh lemon (minus the yellow peal), I think you’ll like that too. Yummy! Thanks Michele for the creativity to eating healthy.

  2. Liza says:

    Thanks for the recipe. Next time I will add the seeds.

  3. Mitch says:

    I love the idea of grinding the seeds first in the water. It keeps it from getting to frothy when doing it all together. I plan to try this was half a lemon. When would you recommend adding the lemon?

    • Michele Comeau says:

      Good question. Remember to cut off the yellow of the lemon peel and go ahead and add it when you first grind the seeds. Thanks for the idea . . . I tried it this morning and it was yummy.

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