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A pile of research tells us meditating is beneficial for decreasing stress . . . but who the heck has time to fit yet another item on our to-do list?

When a new CD of meditations hit the market entitled “Stress-Proof Your Brain” I was skeptical.  You see, I’m an audio junkie . . . with an overflowing library of  “stress relief” CD’s to prove it.  Most have only been listened to once because I just don’t have the time.

I was skeptical of until I discovered it is by Rick Hanson, PhD.

A little bit about Dr. Hanson.  He’s a practicing neurophysiologist, author of several books and phenomenal teacher. Several years ago I was impressed when I heard him on a program with neurologist Richard Mendius, MD entitled “Mediations to Change Your Brain,” because it’s based on solid research.  Dr. Hanson knows what tools work for getting rid of chronic stress and (more importantly) HOW to teach them.

His new CD first explains why our brain is wired to create stress followed by short meditations designed to, “re-shape the brain to make you more resilient, confident, and peaceful.”  You will learn several valuable tools including:

  • How to replace your brains unhealthy reactions to stress with protective and self-nurturing responses . . .
  • How to re-wire your brain away from frustration, heartache, fear, and anger toward contentment, love, and peace.”

All the meditations run well under 20 minutes.

I’m loving how “Stress-Proof Your Brain” is quieting my mind all while building muscles to better handle stressful situations . . . almost like a shock absorber.

Preview “Stress-Proof Your Brain” along with information about ordering at:

WinningStress Meditation Tip

Simply load your favorite meditation CD on your iPod (or whatever gizmo you use for music) and you’re ready for action.

Instead of lying in bed in the morning thinking about all the things you need to get done (wishing you could get more sleep)  click on to you favorite meditation.  At night (instead of having that third glass of wine trying to wind down) listen to a meditation to find an oasis from pesky thoughts of all those things you still need to do.

Much better than a sleeping pill without negative side effects!

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